Atlanta to Savannah

a cyclist's guidebook

This book, available in paperback from or, is an outgrowth of recent conversations among touring Georgia cyclists about the need for one (if not, two) identified routes between Atlanta, Ga and it's sister city on the coast, Savannah.  For decades, lone tourers and small groups have been making this trek, each time a little different.  With the explosion of cycling as a sport and for practical purposes, bicycle tourism has gotten new legs as well.  There was a clear mandate for identifying routes.  This book is the definitive resource for cyclists touring from Atlanta to Savannah.

This book is carefully researched.  Mile by mile on a bike, and in a car, were spent finding the most appropriate two routes for cyclists.  Short portions of the two routes are dirt, some portions are on wide shoulders of 4-lanes.  Many roads of the routes are low-traffic county roads.  The routes meander a bit to include quiet roads or scenic stretches.  As the years go by, with cycling's increasing popularity, accommodations for cyclists will improve and these routes will necessarily be tweaked to take advantage.  Watch for updated editions to the book.

This book includes two routes from Atlanta to Savannah.  The Left Wing Route follows somewhat the route of WT Sherman's Left Wing on its March to the Sea in 1864.  The Right Wing Route follows somewhat Sherman's Right Wing.  Each route is a little over 300 miles.  The book is organized so that each route is a 6 day tour averaging 55 miles or so each day.  The guidebook also tells of Georgia's formative history and culture.  This book has rough maps, turn-by-turn cue sheets, and detailed cue sheets.  The detailed cue sheets offer important points of interests, bike shops, convenience store locations, road hazards, lodgings and restaurants.  Detailed maps and .GPX files are available on the "Links" page of this website.

This book is about 70,000 words, 300+ pages, plenty of photos, important phone numbers, fees & hours of operations.